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Congratulations Dan and Carrye!

Submitted by on Monday, August 31, 2009 20:01 Comments Off on Congratulations Dan and Carrye!

Okay, after waiting for an official announcement, and none coming forthwith, I have taken it upon myself, with Danny’s permission, to officially announce the engagement of my little brother to his girlfriend, whom we all love, Carrye Wielonski.  Plans are still in the “planning” stage, thus nothing is set in stone.  For more information, pictures of the beautiful couple and other fun stuff, check out his website at

In anticipation of there upcoming nuptials, here are a couple of well rehearsed recipes for the bridal shower that will be coming soon or a later.

1. Hot Wild Rice Chicken Salad This recipe is otherwise known as “The Shower Special”  It has been made at a number of baby and bridal showers.

2. Baby Blue Salad Baby Blue salad is the salad that has been served over and over again at many bridal and baby showers.

3. Garlic Cheese Herb Butter This is a  favorite served with croissants at many many bridal and baby showers

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