Welcome to the Rumpke Family Cookbook!

Well, after talking about it for a long time, the Rumpke Family Cookbook has finally gotten with the times and went digital. These recipes have been compiled from numerous wedding showers that have occurred to date and will continue to grow. You can enjoy this cookbook many different ways. You can view the most recent posts on the home page, these may not initially be the most recent recipes, but a factor of how Tom and I added them. If you know the author of that coveted appetizer you can search by author name. If you are looking for an appetizer for that Friday night get together, you can search by category. If you are looking for a comfort food, or a kid friendly food or an Italian recipe, you can search by tags. If none of these gets you the recipe you are looking for, you can use the search button or the table of contents button at the top. If you notice any errors in your recipes or any other recipe, would like an email subscription to the website or would like to add a new recipe, please hit the contact us or the submit a recipe button at the top of the page. I know there are errors, please let me know when you find them. Think of it as a challenge! If you come across a new family favorite or an old recipe that was forgotten on the list, please consider adding it! I hope you enjoy this cookbook. If you have any recommendations or compliments (I am not taking complaints) let me know.

Here is to Happy Cooking!


This site was lovingly prepared by Jennifer Griffin, and her two handsome younger brothers Dan and Tom.

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