Congratulations Erin and John!

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We want to congratulate Erin and John on the birth of there son, Jack.  In honor of the new Rumpke addition here are some great posts of dishes that can be made and brought over to the new parents!

1.  Beef Macaroni and Cheese: This recipe makes a ton and is great to share.  You will only have to cook once!

2. Lasagna:  This is a great recipe and can be made ahead. They can freeze the leftovers for lunch or dinner later

3.  Meatloaf: Who doesn’t like meatloaf.  Get a large package of ground beef from Costco and make a couple.  Give one away, eat one and freeze one for later.

4.  Pork Chops and Potato Bake:  A meal all in one, no side dishes needed.

5.  Dinner in a Dish:  An oldie but a goodie.  Who doesn’t remember Grandma making this!

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