Cheese Beer Dip

Submitted by on Monday, October 13, 2008 20:40
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A perfect cheese dip for an adult party or football get together. Try this unique beer tasting cheese dip.


  • 2-8 oz Packages soft cream cheese
  • 1-16 oz Tub sharp cheddar cheese spread
  • 1/2 can Beer
  • 1 tsp Garlic powder
  • 1 large Round Rye bread
  • 1 small Round Rye bread


  • Set cream cheese and sharp cheddar cheese out to room temperature to soften. Blend the above ingredients together in a blender. Remove the center of the large Rye bread and cut into cubes. Cut small rye into cubes for dipping. Pour cheese into center of large Rye bread.


  • Can also use bagels for dipping. Recipe can easily be cut in half for smaller gatherings.

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